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Multi Combination – MC Truck Training

The MC truck training course gives you the skills and knowledge to drive a Multi Combination Truck (B-Double or Road Train) and obtain an Unrestricted MC Truck Driver’s Licence, TLILIC3018 Licence to drive a multi-combination vehicle

Training and assessment for this unit of competency (TLILIC3018 Licence to drive a multi-combination vehicle) is delivered by Australian Workplace Training Pty Ltd (RTO 40037).

Getting a Multi Combination – MC Truck Licence

Follow these steps to upgrade your current driver’s licence to drive a Multi Combination Truck.

Step 1. Check the truck licence class specifications and the minimum truck driving experience requirements for the Truck licence you need below.

Step 2. If you hold a current driver’s licence and meet the minimum truck driving experience requirements for the desired licence class, you can drive a motor vehicle of that class without a learner’s permit – but only under learner’s permit conditions and laws. If you meet the minimum truck driving experience requirements you can now book and pay for driving lessons here.

Format: MC Truck training is delivered on a one-to-one basis as separate sessions. You can undertake MC Truck driver training only using the Competency Based Training (CBT) logbook method of training and assessment.

Duration: Average 20 – 25 hours

Heavy Combination – HC Truck Class Specifications

  1. A motor vehicle authorised to be driven by a licence of a preceding class.
  2. Any motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles except a motor bike or motor trike. (Includes B doubles; road trains).


Minimum Driving Experience

  • Must have held a class HR Truck licence or HC Truck licence for at least one year.
  • Have no outstanding business (i.e. unpaid parking fines or speeding tickets).
  • Existing medical conditions must be advised prior to enrolment as some clients may be ineligible to undertake this training.

 Skills Gained:

  • Use vehicle and systems required during Multi Combination Truck driving tasks.
  • Utilise operational and maintenance procedures and systems for Multi Combination Truck driving tasks.
  • Read and interpret relevant regulations, instructions, signs and labels applicable to Multi Combination Truck vehicle driving.
  • Loading and securing Multi Combination Truck (vehicle and trailer).

What to Bring to Your Session

  • Photo Identification (Australian drivers licence, passport)
  • Driver’s Licence and abide by the conditions of your learners permit – e.g. wear prescription spectacles.
  • Wear enclosed footwear.

Licencing SA

Professional truck training and licencing for all truck classes in SA – Light Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid (HR) and Heavy Combination (HC)